Dentist supporting an older female Veteran patient

PFS Awarded Contract To Continue Program Support to VHA’s “VETSmile” Veteran Dental Pilot Program to Help Veterans Access Dental Care

WASHINGTON, DC – Prometheus Federal Services (PFS) has been granted a contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Center for Care and Payment Innovation (CCPI) to continue its support for the VETSmile Pilot Program.

Approximately 15% of the 9 million Veterans enrolled in VA health care are eligible for dental benefits through the agency, leaving around 7.8 million Veterans without access to VA dental benefits and the possibility of establishing a dental home for preventive care. Recognizing the critical need for accessible and affordable dental care for Veterans, the Center for Care and Payment Innovation introduced the VETSmile Pilot Program in 2021.

The VETSmile Pilot Program is a vital initiative connecting Veterans without VA dental benefits to community dental providers who offer pro bono or discounted dental care. Launched in July 2021, this five-year pilot program is set to run through 2026.

“The VETSmile project’s impact is unique as it addresses the need for dental care for Veterans without VA dental benefits while examining the power of partnerships in fostering accessible opportunities for this care for Veterans,” states Imani Walcott, PFS Project Manager for VETSmile. “Through meticulous planning, effective communication and outreach strategies, and steady program support, we are dedicated to the successful and sustainable implementation of this VA pilot program.”

Under this contract, PFS will manage all aspects of the VETSmile Pilot Program, including administrative tasks, the establishment of new pilot sites, program monitoring and evaluation, oversight, and the implementation of a comprehensive program implementation strategy.

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