PFS Awarded Contract to Support Critical Epidemiological Study for Fort McClellan Veterans

PFS Awarded Contract to Support Critical Epidemiological Study for Fort McClellan Veterans

WASHINGTON, DC – Prometheus Federal Services (PFS), through our Titan Alpha joint venture with Customer Value Partners (CVP), is proud to announce its selection as the key contractor to support the crucial epidemiological study on the health trends of Veterans who served at Fort McClellan, as mandated by Section 801 of the “Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act of 2022” (PACT Act).

Fort McClellan, a former Army installation located in Alabama that operated from 1917 to 1999, served as the training ground for numerous military units and schools, including the U.S. Army Chemical Corp School, Army Combat Development Command Chemical/Biological/Radiological Agency, Army Military Police School, and Women’s Army Corps. Numerous service members stationed in that location may have encountered exposure to a range of hazardous materials during their service.

In response to concerns raised by Veterans and members of Congress, Section 801 of the PACT Act directed the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to conduct an epidemiological study to evaluate the health trends of Veterans who served at Fort McClellan between January 1, 1935, and May 20, 1999.

Titan Alpha, with its proven expertise in epidemiology, statistics, survey design and administration, project management, communications, exposure science, and environmental health, will provide critical support for this complex undertaking as we remain committed to our mission of delivering the utmost level of service for our veterans.

Kelsey Marx, PFS Project Manager, emphasizes the importance of this work: “This is not just a study; it’s a commitment to the well-being of our Veterans. The challenges are significant, but so is the duty to ensure that those who served at Fort McClellan receive the answers and support they deserve. Titan Alpha is honored to be entrusted with this vital research and looks forward to delivering results that will make a meaningful impact on the health and care of our Veterans.”

Titan Alpha is fully committed to advancing the study to better understand the potential health effects on Veterans who served at Fort McClellan and to provide them with the comprehensive support they need and deserve.

About Titan Alpha: Titan Alpha is a joint venture of Prometheus Federal Services and Customer Value Partners dedicated to supporting critical research and communication initiatives within the Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring the well-being of our nation’s Veterans. With a steadfast commitment to our Veterans, Titan Alpha aims to make a difference in their lives through comprehensive and data-driven studies and communication efforts.

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