PFS and CVP Awarded Contract to Provide Professional Support Services to VHA’s Healthcare Leadership Talent Institute

WASHINGTON, DC – Titan Alpha, a joint venture between Prometheus Federal Services (PFS) and Customer Value Partners (CVP), was awarded a contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Healthcare Leadership Talent Institute (HLTI) within the Employee Education System (EES) organization to provide professional support services for its leadership development programs.  

“Titan Alpha is honored to assist the HLTI and EES in enhancing and expanding its leadership programs that promote service first, leadership always, and lifelong learning in service to America’s Veterans,” said PFS Organizational Change and Strategic Communications Vice President, Kamran Sartaj, “We understand the importance of building leadership and career pathing programs at levels of the VA.” 

Serving over 9 million enrolled Veterans, VHA employs over 350,000 healthcare professionals and support staff at nearly 1,300 healthcare facilities. VHA’s HLTI identifies, develops, and strategically manages healthcare leadership across the enterprise with the goal of growing an engaged workforce that delivers exceptional service to our Nation’s Veterans. To meet that goal, continuous leadership development and learning is critical. 

Titan Alpha will design and deliver three asynchronous Leadership Development courses for current and aspiring leaders. Through its Design Thinking and Human Centered Design approach, Titan Alpha will help HLTI offer engaging, learner-centered and performance-based curriculum that VA healthcare leadership can access easily and independently, on their own time. In addition to these courses, the team will develop and deliver a ten-session modular curriculum and a leadership speaker series delivered by leaders for up-and-coming leaders to help prepare them for their service. 

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