Prometheus Federal Services and Customer Value Partners Awarded Contract to Provide Cross-Cutting Strategy, Communication, and Change Management Services to Veterans Health Administration’s Office of Healthcare Transformation

WASHINGTON, DC – Titan Alpha, a joint venture between Prometheus Federal Services (PFS) and Customer Value Partners (CVP), was awarded a contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Healthcare Transformation (OHT) to provide strategy, communication, and change management services.

The mission of OHT is to support VA and VHA priorities by planning, engineering, and implementing enterprise Veteran-driven systems. OHT collaborates with stakeholders to define common goals and systemically creating safe, comprehensive, and efficient solutions within optimized platforms of care delivery. The Titan Alpha team will provide strategic planning and cross-cutting services for emerging or statutorily driven programs and initiatives.

“With such a broad mission, it is imperative that the Office of Healthcare Transformation be supported by an agile team that can react and respond strategically across multiple job functions,” states Greg Smallwood, CEO of PFS, the managing partner of Titan Alpha. “We know that much of this work is complex and may require few or many capability areas. Fortunately, we have a team of bright and dedicated strategists, communicators, change management and healthcare-focused professionals who are seasoned in the VA environment. They are ready to flex and help OHT meet VA’s strategic priorities and address Presidential and Congressional mandates, policy changes, and other legislation.”

The Titan Alpha team will support emerging, immediate, and unanticipated projects as well as fluid healthcare initiatives. These projects’ focus will range from integrated healthcare strategic planning in consultation with the VHA Chief Strategy Office to defining, implementing, and executing a communications strategy related to VHA initiatives, to supporting all activities associated with organizational change.

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